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Corrosive Hate Album (Limited Physical Release)


Image of Corrosive Hate Album (Limited Physical Release)

Physical copy of the Midnight Nightmare - Corrosive Hate album.
LIMITED EDITION ITEM! Only 50 available online!
The only way to get this album after this are at a show!

The album will be released on September 3rd, 2021.
I will start shipping these out a few days prior to release date.

Track Listing:
1. Fear & Apathy
2. Inner Peace
3. Dreaming of Death
4. Everything Bleeds (feat. Maximus)
5. Corrosive Hate
6. Corrosive Hate (Metal Version)
7. Corrosive Hate (Soul Reactor Remix)
8. Corrosive Hate (Redundant Nature Remix)
9. Corrosive Hate (Dawn of Ashes Remix)
10. Angry Sex (Inva//id Remix)
11. Degradation of Grace (Accumortis Remix)
12. Suppression (Industrial Club Mix)